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First – Pick Your Plunger You’ll want a heavy-duty rubber plunger with the fold-out flange. The flange insert will help give a good seal for plunging. Second – Protective Clothing Get some rubber gloves, safety goggles or glasses, and some protective clothes. Make sure you have plenty of rags around the base of the toilet. […]

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So – in my last blog entry I talked about drain cleaning liquids not being effective or safe to use in DIY clog-busting. What’s a homeowner to do? The safest way to go after a stopped up or slow drain is to use a tool to reach down and pull it up – using a […]

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Most of us, when faced with a pesky slow drain or clogged sink, have been tempted to use a chemical drain cleaner at one time or other. What could be easier than opening a bottle and pouring the contents down the drain? Jake the Plumber doesn’t recommend any of these products, and here’s why.   […]

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