Any international travel plans in your future? You might want to check out the bathrooms in your destination. In Japan, for example, some education in how to use the public restrooms can be helpful.

Toilet-control-panel-plumber-minneapolis-mnPictured here is the control panel for a toilet common in public restrooms. If ya gotta go, how do you flush this unit? We’re used to a simple lever, or perhaps a button. Pretty easy. Some of these buttons look like bidet functions – at least they have handy graphics. Others, well, who knows until you try them?



Japanese-squat-toilet-plumber-saint-paul-minnesotaHow about this unit? A squat toilet – only for those with strong leg muscles!








My favorite advancement in Japanese toilets – this unit has a sink for hand washing that fills the tank!





Seen at the entrance to a public toilet – leave your shoes at the door and slip on a pair of unisex slippers! Very classy.







Just one more complication when we travel overseas – and something we will use almost right away.

-Deb at Jake the Plumber