Our plumbers who do drain cleaning are great at what they do, but many people want to know how to keep their drains running freely without having a messy back-up. No one wants to think about this – we all want to use our sinks and toilets and have it all disappear down the drain.plumbing-st-paul-mn-kitchen-sink-backup

The best thing to keep out of the sink is grease (wipe off those greasy pans and dishes). Think about what you’re pushing down the garbage disposal. Coconut husks, egg shells, bones, and platefuls of uneaten food belong in the trash, not down the drain. Keep starchy items like pasta and rice out of the drain – they expand downstream and cause many backups. In general anything large and not easily shredded by the disposal should go in the trash.


Toilet back-ups can be a terrible mess. One of the most common back-ups our drain cleaners see are baby wipplumbing-st-paul-mn-toilet-backupes. One will snag and soon there are handfuls of wipes that cause a total backup. If you can, throw wipes in the trash – even “flushable” wipes can cause problems. Also, check out your toilet’s shut-off valve before you need it!


Not in the toilet!

Our children often think of the toilet as a toy. “Let’s see what happens when GI Joe goes swimming!” – and then they flush. Legos, Barbie dolls, toothbrushes, pencils, toothpaste tubes, and small plastic bottles are common items found by our drain cleaners.

I once had a roommate who tried to flush rotten pickles down the toilet. Our landlord was not happy about that, and he tacked the drain cleaning invoice onto our rent when he saw what came up from the snaking of the toilet.


Older homes in parts of the city with mature trees often need regular main-line drain cleaning out to the street to get rid of root back-ups. If you have cast iron sewer lines instead of newer PVC, roots can intrude in the joints of the pipe. This often means a total back-up in the house. Some of our customers need a yearly reaming-out to keep the roots at bay. You’ll know about this problem after you’ve lived in your house for a few years.

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– Deb