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Bradford White AeroTherm Water Heater installation

NEW! Heat Pump Water Heaters

Jake the Plumber now installs new, energy-efficient heat pump water heaters. You can save on your energy costs immediately – and take advantage of incentives from the federal government! Let Jake and his crew help you make the decision on replacing your existing water heater with a heat pump unit.

These efficient heaters use warm air around the installed unit, compressing and concentrating the air. They use this heat energy to warm the water in the tank to the desired hot water temperature.

Read more about heat pump water heaters in Jake’s News here.

Contact Jake to find out how to start saving money on your next water heater. We’ll figure the tax savings for you and include it in your quote!

Jake The Plumber Water Heaters

Conventional Tank Water Heaters

When your hot water heater goes out or starts leaking, it can be enough to ruin your entire day – Jake the Plumber can repair it, replace it or upgrade its capacity to meet all your hot water needs. Many homeowners are upgrading their water heaters from 40 gallon to 50 gallon capacity to ensure hot water at all times. If you text us a photo of your water heater, we can identify a new unit and give you an estimate over the phone! Call us in the morning, and you’ll have hot water that evening.

Tankless Water Heater

Tankless Water Heaters

Have Jake the Plumber replace your tank water heater with a new, tankless, energy efficient model. Depending on your water needs, a tankless unit may be just what you need for hot water on tap.

Contact Jake for more information about our tankless water heater installations.

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Customer Reviews

I was referred to Jake the Plumber for a new water heater after ours went out. Absolutely nothing has been a straightforward fix in our old house, but Rick was really knowledgeable and thorough in his explanation of everything he was doing. He was able to work with the quirks in our home. My wife and I are not originally from the twin cities and this was our first “surprise repair” since we moved here, so all of this information and experience was especially valuable to us! We appreciate everything, and will for sure be returning customers without hesitation if we need it! Thank you!

I called on a Monday morning for a new hot water heater & had hot water by 5:00 that night. Great service, fair price! My favorite was that I didn’t get the pitch of the $40-70 service call to quote a HWH. He asked me to take a photo & text it to get a sense of what I needed; brilliant! I get that it’s an estimate not a promise. I will be using Jake’s again.

We had a great experience with Jake the Plumber! They helped us replace our old water heater and softener with a reasonable price and great service. Jake really knows what he’s doing. He diagnoses problems and finds solutions in a very professional way. His followup inspection was also helpful. He was also nice enough to help us fix a couple other small issues on the side. Definitely recommend!