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Welcome to Jake’s Blog! Our customers include many DIY people, and we’ve included many handy articles on how to maintain and improve plumbing, fixtures, and appliances in your home.
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Plumbing News

How Good Is Your Water Quality?

Ensuring the quality of tap water in your home is very important. That’s where Jake The Plumber, your trusted local plumbing expert, recommends whole house

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Frozen Pipes

Winterize Your Home Plumbing

As winter approaches, the Twin Cities transforms into a winter wonderland. However, along with the beauty of snow and frost, this season will bring frigid

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Child playing in outdoor hose spray
Plumbing DIY Tips

Frost Free Hosebibs

Spring is here in Minnesota! It’s time to get ready for outdoor gardening, and all of the activities we love. Perhaps your outdoor faucets need replacing.

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Sump Pumps

Spring Housekeeping

Thawing snow means wet basements. Is your sump pump and drain tile system in order? Consider a backup system with a primary and secondary battery

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