basement-water-plumbing-st-paul-mnWater enters a basement, especially in an older home, from a variety of sources. You may have some cracks in the foundation, the floor drain can overflow from a leaky washing machine, or some of the joints in the concrete may allow seepage, to name a few. In any case, you need a sump pump system to remove all stray water and keep your basement or crawl space dry.


It’s a good idea to add sump pump maintenance to your spring chores. Most of the time, homeowners just assume their pump will be up to the job when it’s needed – but that is too late to be thinking about whether it works on not.

Most sump pumps are sealed systems and do not require lubrication. Read the manual for your pump about this and follow the manufacturer’s direction.


  • Check the pump pit frequently for debris and/or build up which may interfere with pump or float switch operation. The float must be able to move freely through its complete travel without any restrictions.
  • At least every three months, pour enough water into the sump pit to activate the pump. If the pump does not switch on, it’s time to call in an expert to diagnose and fix it, or replace the system.

Jake recommends a system that includes a battery back-up in case of power failure. If you need a new sump pump, check our Coupon page to save money on installation. We can install a new Liberty system, or another of your choice.