Leaky Water Heater

Do I Need a New Water Heater?

Leaky Water HeaterYour lowly water heater. It works day in, day out and we never think about the magic that happens when we turn the hot water tap and presto! Hot water comes out – and we can adjust the temperature to whatever we need. Most of our appliances use hot water – the dishwasher, the washing machine, the shower and bathtub. Instead of ignoring this hard-working fixture in your basement or utility room, pay some attention to it – before it announces its unhappiness by going out. Things to note with your water heater:

  • Is there a puddle under your water heater? This is almost a sure sign that a replacement is necessary. Take care of this before it floods your basement.
  • Is the heater more than ten years old? That’s the average life span of a water heater. If you don’t have any documentation on your heater, look for the model and serial number posted on the tank. You can decode it on the manufacturer’s website. For example, on Bradford White water heaters, you can go to Bradford White Find Your Model and Serial Number
  • When you turn on the hot water tap, do you see rusty or discolored water at first? This may be an indication that your water heater is rusting on the inside of the tank. A replacement will be needed soon!
  • Does your water heater complain with rumbling, gurgling, or other noises when it starts up?

Any of these issues points to a replacement heater. We can usually give quotes over the phone, based on photos of your water heater. Take one photo floor to ceiling of the unit in place, and another of the sticker showing the model and serial number. A photo of the venting at the top of the tank and the gas valve near the bottom of the tank are helpful also. You can text them to our office phone, along with your name and address.

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