Water Heater Inspection

What to Expect From the Inspector

Water Heater InspectionAt Jake the Plumber, all of our work is up to code. This means that we pull city plumbing permits and have city inspections on all work required. As a homeowner, what does that mean?

Each city has its own inspectors of plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and construction work. It’s both a safety factor – and a double-check that all of the work done meets necessary code compliance. Some suburbs have contracts with a larger cities for their inspection services.

So what happens during an inspection? If you have just had us install a new water heater or softener, for example, our office has already taken care of applying for a permit. We’ll ask you for a range of days and times you’ll be available to let the inspector into your basement to look at the new heater. Then we will make the appointment and let you know. For a hot water heater, the inspection usually only takes five minutes.

If we are doing a plumbing remodel, or new construction, there will be two phases to the inspection process – the city needs to see plumbing that will be covered up by poured concrete or drywall. This is the “rough-in” phase, and inspectors want to verify the work that will be encased. After that passes, we can finish the project. New fixtures, finish piping, and other exposed work will be completed. Then we call the city, and the “finish” inspection will be done.

So, it might seem like extra steps, but it’s extra protection for you, and won’t take much time. Just some peace of mind for you!

-Deb at Jake the Plumber