Outdoor Lawn Faucet

Don’t despair, spring is coming to the Twin Cities! Are you planning your outdoor activities in the garden, watering the lawn, washing the car in the driveway, cleaning the gutters. Well, you’ll need to unleash your outdoor lawn faucet! It’s been neglected all winter long, and it’s been colder than usual. Turning the water on to your outdoor faucet should be planned. Plumbers call these faucets hosebibs, outdoor spigots, or sillcocks.

  1. Enlist a buddy to help. Your partner, spouse, a neighbor – you will want someone in the basement to help with your test.
  2. Turn the water on in the basement. You may need to trace back from the outside spigot to find the corresponding shut off valve in your basement. The shut off valve will either be a ball valve, or a gate valve, pictured to the right.
  3. Have your buddy stay and watch for leaks or drips in the area.
  4. Go outside and turn on the faucet.
  5. Check with your buddy to see if any drips have developed in the basement.

If all is well, you’re good to go!

Last spring, we had a customer who turned on the valve in the basement, and then went to wash his car. When he returned to the basement an hour later, the basement had a few inches of water in it. It pays to check for leaks!

We can replace your outdoor faucet, shut off valves, and any piping. Give us a call – 651-212-5253