The Earliest Plumbing – Roman Aqueducts

No doubt some of the earliest plumbers were the ancient Roman builders. They built sturdy, long-lasting pipeworks to serve their cities, called aqueducts. Aqueducts were found throughout the Roman Republic, and later, in lands they gained by conquest in the [...]

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Smart Bathrooms!

Everything else in modern homes is getting smart these days, so why not your bathroom? If the sky's the limit, Kohler has an Intelligent Toilet (!) they have just unveiled. The Numi® offers: Motion-activated hands free seat opening and closing [...]

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What Can Happen With Automatic Faucets?

On a recent trip to the dentist, I ducked into the rest room before what promised to be a lengthy stay in the dental chair. I set my purse (unzipped, natch) on the sink and turned away. Next thing I [...]

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Japanese Bathrooms

Any international travel plans in your future? You might want to check out the bathrooms in your destination. In Japan, for example, some education in how to use the public restrooms can be helpful. Pictured here is the control panel [...]

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OUTRAGEOUS Luxury Bathrooms!

If you had the money to buy whatever you wanted, what would your bathroom look like? Here are some ideas.   For just 1 Million Euros (about $1.5 million dollars), you can have a quartz crystal bathtub from the Italian [...]

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