Purse-on-sink-plumbing-maplewood-mnOn a recent trip to the dentist, I ducked into the rest room before what promised to be a lengthy stay in the dental chair. I set my purse (unzipped, natch) on the sink and turned away. Next thing I knew, I heard the faucet turn on. NO NO NO Nooo!

My purse had fallen into the sink and tripped the automatic faucet to turn on. Filling my purse with water. Phone, coin purse, miscellaneous papers, pens, all the whatnot I stuff into my purse for later handy retrieval.

Fortunately, I managed to dry everything out, after spreading the contents over my desk at work. The phone was the hardest – it was right on top. I pulled the battery out, used canned air to dry out the battery compartment, wiped it off. I let it dry in the sun for a few hours, put the battery back in, and fired it up. Voila! It came right back to life.

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Lesson learned: Be Careful With Automatic Plumbing Fixtures!

-Deb at Jake the Plumber