plumbing-maplewood-mn-new-basement-bathA case right out of our customer files: recently, a new customer called us after they had just had a different contractor finish a full bathroom remodel in their basement. Right after the work was completed, the laundry tub and floor drain in the basement started backing up. They called us, and after attempting to clear the drains, we found a break in the drain pipe.

All that waste water we put down the tub and sink drain has to go somewhere, and in this case it’s flowing into a break in the drain piping under that beautiful new tile.

The only remedy is to tear up some of the new tile and replace the drain piping under the basement floor.

How could this have been prevented? One simple step:

Get a camera inspection of your drain piping before you start on remodel jobs. This is especially important if you have an older home.

There are lots of reasons you may want a video of what your drain piping looks like – maybe you have older cast-iron drain pipe, perhaps a storm brought down a tree in your yard, or you have reason to suspect a leak.

Better safe than sorry!






-Deb at Jake the Plumber