Plumbing-Saint-Paul-MN-Jake-Water-HeaterEveryone who owns a home, whether it’s a single family home, townhouse, or a condo, will need a plumber at some point. Sometimes it’s as simple as a clogged drain or toilet, or perhaps you want to remodel a bath or kitchen. Maybe your home is older and an inspector tagged your main water valve or hot water heater.

Before you engage a plumber, consider these points:

  • Experience. Is the plumber familiar with residential work, if you’re a homeowner? Has he done commercial jobs, if you’re a business owner opening a new restaurant? If in doubt, ask for references that you can call to verify. You should also ask how long the company has been in business.


  • License. Ask  if the plumber is licensed in your state and city. Knowing their professionaMN-DOLIl qualifications will help in your decision. In Minnesota, Master Plumbers like Jake the Plumber are registered with the state under a license certification. It means they’ve completed the necessary training and experience to be certified – and that they keep up with Continuing Education in their field.


  • Insurance. Does the company carry workmen’s comp and liability insurance? Most commercial jobs require proof of insurance, and an above-board company won’t mind if you ask for this proof. We will provide insurance certification to any customer who asks for it.


  • Permits. Most plumbing jobs will require a permit in the city where the work is to be done. At Jake the Plumber, for example, we include the cost of a permit and the inspection on all installations and all quotes.


  • Warranty. Does the plumber warrant their work? Can they provide that warranty in writing? Does the warranty include plumber-supplied appliances and parts? At Jake the Plumber, we warrant all our work and any appliances or parts we provide with a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty.[spacer height=”20px”]


  • Testimonials and Reviews. Check with Google, Yelp, facebook, and other social media review sites to see if your plumber has any reviews. Keep in mind that some reviewers may have an axe to grind – so take the majority of reviews for the company as you choose your plumber.


  • Location. You’ll definitely want someone whose shop is not too far away to minimize drive time. Do they have a brick-and-mortar shop, or is the business address a PO Box? There are good plumbers who work out of their garage at home, but a company with an established workshop location is more firmly grounded. Consider stopping by the company shop if you’re going to be contracting for a multi-day full remodel. We welcome visitors to our shop in Maplewood!


  • Payment. Make sure the terms of the job are established. Most plumbers will require a deposit before a large job will begin.

Keep tabs on the job and don’t hesitate to ask your plumber questions as the work progresses! A reputable plumber won’t mind, and will have no trouble explaining why the work needs to be done as he has laid it out. Most likely, code restrictions may stipulate what materials are used and how the work needs to be done.

– Deb at Jake the Plumber