First – Pick Your Plunger

You’ll want a heavy-duty rubber plunger with the fold-out flange. The flange insert will help give a good seal for plunging.

Second – Protective Clothingplumbing-saint-paul-mn-toilet-plunging

Get some rubber gloves, safety goggles or glasses, and some protective clothes. Make sure you have plenty of rags around the base of the toilet. Expect splashes and a clean-up afterwards – toilets seem to choose the most inopportune times to clog up, and often have messy sludge in the bottom of the toilet bowl.

Make sure you know where the shut-off valve for the toilet water supply is located (almost always to the left of the toilet, close to the floor). Test it out to make sure you can shut off the water if needed.

Third – Plunge plumbing-saint-paul-mn-toilet-plunger-bathroom-clog-Away!

Fold out the flange insert on the plunger, insert it as far down into the bowl as possible. Get a firm grip on the plunger and give it several healthy plunges. The obstruction in your toilet may come back up into the bowl, so give the upswing of the plunge a vigorous sweep. If it does the trick, you won’t mind cleaning up the bathroom.

What if that doesn’t work??

If after all your effort, the toilet remains clogged, your next step is to send a snake down. See our last blog entry on snaking!

Our professional drain cleaners have equipment and technique, so don’t hesitate to give us a call if you can’t get the clog. +1-651-212-5253 !

Deb at Jake the Plumber