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Heat Pump Water Heaters – Will One Work in My Home?

You may have heard about the energy-saving merits of heat pumps for heating homes, and now that technology is available for water heaters. But will a heat pump water heater work in my home, in winter-cold Minnesota? And – how do they work?

Forbes Magazine has a good article about heat pump water heaters that you can read here. Heat pumps work by using electricity to move heat from one area to another – in this case, from the surrounding air in your basement or other area where the water heater is located. Heat pumps use a compressor to pressurize and increase the temperature, and transfer that heat to the water tank.

Since the ambient air in your basement, utility room, or other area where the water tank is located is warmer than the outside air, these units work well in Minnesota in all seasons.

Heat Pump Water Heaters - diagram

And that’s not all – you can get tax credits for installing an energy-efficient heat pump water heater! You can find more information from Energy Star here. Contact Jake about replacing your water heater, we will guide you through the rebate and tax credits.