Purple crocus flowers blooming in the spring

Spring Housekeeping

Thawing snow means wet basements. Is your sump pump and drain tile system in order? Consider a backup system with a primary and secondary battery powered pump to meet overflow demand and protect your home if the power goes out.

Here in Minnesota, we’ve had the eighth snowiest winter season on record. All that snow means it will soon melt (we hope!) and could become a problem for basements and other areas in your home.

If you do have a sump pump system in your home, it has probably been neglected since last spring. It’s time to check it out. If you haven’t upgraded your system in recent years, it’s time to think about a replacement.

A battery backup means that if the power goes out, the sump pump will still work. Jake recommends this setup and we will be happy to quote a replacement or installation for your home.