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Whole House Water Filtration

plumber-saint-paul-minnesota-clean-waterShould you be concerned about your home’s water quality? Most of us think only about drinking water purity, but sediments and chemicals in the water will affect the plumbing, faucets, and fixtures in your home also. To protect your plumbing and large appliances, as well as improving your family’s health, you should consider a whole house filtration system, also known as point-of-entry filtration.

plumbing-maplewood-mn-house-diagramJust as the name implies, whole house filtration treats all of the water coming into your home by inserting a canister to the piping close to the water meter. See the diagram to the left about a typical home’s plumbing system. This type of filter does not require electrical hookups. Depending on the quality of water coming in from the city’s supply, you’ll need to change filters every few months to a year. It will trap sediment, and work on taste and odor problems. All water coming through the filter is treated, helping to save on the life of your water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, and other large appliances.

plumber-st-paul-mn-rusty-sinkYou can choose different types of cartridge filters to handle iron, rust, and staining visible on toilets and sinks.

plumbing-st-paul-mn-rusty-sinkMost filters will cut down on the chlorine, used in city water treatment facilities, and other chemicals as well. A hot-water shower will release chlorine into the air with steam that you inhale during the shower, or during a dishwasher cycle. You’ll want to reduce or eliminate these chemicals.

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