How pure is the water coming into your house? Do you trust it for drinking, cooking, and washing? Most of us don’t have any idea about our water quality, unless there’s an obvious color or silt present, or it has a taste or smell. If you’d like to kick the bottled water habit, you may be considering a water filtration system for your home.

Water quality can vary from one suburb to the next. Every area in the country is required to file a water quality report with the federal government, known as a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). Information can be found here about that report, including a phone number for your town’s water department. When I looked at Minnesota suburban listings, I found that many areas were missing, so you may need to use the phone number to request a copy.

The best way to find out about your own water is to have it tested. We offer free testing and evaluation with an in-home visit. We can recommend a filtration solution based on the water coming into your home.

Today I’ll explain a bit about a process known as Reverse Osmosis Filtration.

Reverse Osmosis Filtrationreverse osmosis use the membrane to act like an extremely fine filter to create drinking water from contaminated water. Pressure is applied to the contaminated water forcing water molecules through the membrane. solvent moves from a solution of greater concentration through a membrane to a solution of lesser concentration.


Reverse Osmosis is a process that uses high-pressure to force the water entering your home through a series of filters. It’s the same process that coastal areas and islands use to make drinkable water out of sea water, it just takes fewer steps to remove sediment and other contaminants if the water is already salt-free. Most of the pressure needed comes directly from the in-flow of water to your house. Resulting impurities taken out of the water are flushed down the drain.

RO systems have other filters to help the process, usually a carbon filter or others. It has a semi-permeable membrane that water is forced through, leaving mosNorth-Star-RO-plumbing-woodbury-mnt impurities behind.

At Jake the Plumber, we sell North Star Reverse Osmosis under-sink systems. Or, tell us the unit you prefer, and we’ll get the brand you want.





-Deb at Jake the Plumber