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Holidays often mean company – for dinners and parties, and sometimes extra sleep-over guests. In the midst of all the cooking, meal preparation, and other planning, don’t forget to keep your plumbing in mind! Emergencies with sink backups can really put a wrench in your get-togethers. Here’s a few simple steps to keep your drains flowing freely:

Kitchen Sink Plunging1. No Grease Down The Drain!

The most common kitchen sink backup is caused by grease. Our drain cleaners have professional-grade equipment to power snake your kitchen drain – and most often, they will pull up a messy combination of sludge and solid grease. Even if that holiday turkey grease is liquid when you put it down the drain, it often congeals and plugs the drain partway down.


No Baby Wipes in the Toilet2. No Baby Wipes Down The Toilet!

It’s always a joy to have the grandchildren coming to visit – but remember to have everyone put baby wipes and diapers in the trash! Our drain cleaners see a lot of baby wipes – and even some diapers and toys – when they snake out toilets. Even if the wipes say “flushable” on the label, don’t trust it! Put them in the trash. Keep kitty litter out of the toilet, also. An overflowing toilet can ruin a holiday gathering even more than a kitchen sink back-up. A good toilet plunger is a necessary tool for your home – just in case.

3. Garbage Disposal No-Nos

During the holiday season we’re often tempted to stuff all sorts of things down the garbage disposal and just assume they will go down. There are many items you’d be better off just putting in your trash, however. Here’s a list to keep out of your drains and garbage disposal:

  • No grease or oil – wipe off greasy pots and pans before washing
  • No potato peels, rice or pasta
  • No glass, metal, paper, or plastic
  • No eggshells
  • No bones, big seeds, or pits

Holiday Dinner TableHave a great holiday season!

-Deb at Jake the Plumber